The Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty

There is a statue of liberty with life and feelings
The statue changing its directions to different latitudes and longitudes
The statue changing its feelings to varied attitudes
The statue humbled by its own principles and prescriptions
The statue that got defaced by the innocent and wicked alike
The statue that ignored the never-ending cracks and scratches
The statue that never bled its injury or never shed its tears
The statue that spread its knowledge and love

Days rolled out into months and years
Decades passed the statue remained reticent ever
Bearing the tantrums of fate

There came a day when the God Himself took a glimpse at the statue’s beauty and endurance
His benevolence overflowed and down poured onto the statue
In the form of a She Healer

The Healer who touched the soul of the statue
Spring dawn on to its life, the bruises vanished, injuries disappeared, trauma ceased
It bathed in the divine spirit of the Healer
Life flourished, love sprouted
The statue is no more visible now
There in its place lay a blessed soul enjoying its luck