I realize ‘quiet is enlightening’

Our life is a journey which involves boarding and alighting and boarding and alighting.  Every desire of ours is a destination we choose to reach.  We board onto the desire.  However, it is never known to us when can we reach our destination and when we can end our journey.  Even in cases of successful journey we never end our travel. We create new destinations.  We board new trains.  We many a time break our journey for a new destination. Through our journey what we do would be a leading flashy, noisy and pompous life which comes with short expiry period.  Leading noisy lifestyle leads us nowhere.  It is essential that we invite peace into our life by experiencing the pervading quiet in the nature.


Pervading quiet

Penetrating deep into my heart

Reminds the quiet conversation of two souls

Epitomizing the silent prayer of saints

Scary like the silence of learned

Spirited like the quiet strength of warrior

It is all pervading like the unseen fragrance that takes us into its fold

The quiet outside converged with my ever tranquil soul

I am everywhere now quietly permeated in the Universe

I experience now the tranquil mind, tranquil self and Bliss Absolute

I am now a ‘new me’ balanced, bold and enlightened

I realize at last ‘quiet is enlightening’

May the world choose the quiet path

Liberating from the flashy material life driven by noisy mind