Living alone yearning to join you

i am

I am part of you surrounding your expanse
Still longing for your one touch and one love
Living alone yearning to join you
I am parched in the hot Sun
Waiting for your overwhelming joy
While you relax yourself unmindful
I wish you join me to quench my thirst
Wish to elate last in your touch
The time came
You are there reaching me tantalizing
I am all thrilled indeed for you are there with me
I started feeling your mystique touch
The touch that makes me lost in the heavens
The touch that lifts my fortunes
Alas! While I get engrossed
You leave me abruptly sliding back
Hey my Sea please stay with me
Help me feel you for long
Listen to my inner whispers
Feel my soul filled hug
You know who I am
I am the shore, your destination