Your whole hug

You became my life giver since I took birth
You wake me up in the dawn to see your beautiful dance
You surround me and hug me in your divine arms
I feel to shed inhibitions and live in loin cloth to ever experience your whole hug
It makes me feel the heavens on earth

You cure minds and bodies
You help love sprout
You bring us the Himalayan chill
Your shower the dew of Ganga
You sedate us with gifts of divine fragrance
I see the nature to see you

Your one presence makes world a living place
Alas! the world is bad
I cry in anguish when people violate you unmindful of your benevolence
I feel agitated when you display anger
I only wish not to see your intense anger

Oh My All pervading Wind, the life giver on earth
Hug me ever with all your love and affection
Bring the world the blessings of Almighty