It is a deep dark night – the biggest gift of God to human being

dark heaven

Ambiance is heavenly
Nature is singing silence

I woke up to the engulfed silence
While breathing the winds of night heaven

Got distracted with the click …. click ….. of wall clock
The click… click… which is violating the divine silence
The click click of wall clock is scary

I am scared for it may dawn soon
I am scared that the dawn will open up the curtains of the day

Day is more frightening than thick dark night
For the day is ruled by the hustle and bustle of human minds
The minds which violate the quiet and divine ambiance of night
The trivial minds that damage the mighty creations of God
Every day and each day is violated by humans the way a virgin is abused by wicked thoughts and cruel deeds

Even God is feeling vulnerable
He is scared to appear on earth fearing the greedy daemons in humans

God feared humans ever since He created them
His fears those times were the result of mighty love of His devotees
He appeared before them to grant their wishes pleasing and fearing at the power of love and devotion

The days now are stories of dark minds ruling the day
We every one of us is becoming victims of our trivial minds that fight with desire and greed

May there come a day that could give us the peace and tranquility of night
May we invoke divinity on earth through our pure love to Him